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Red Tag Repair and Spare has launched a nationwide program which will serve the truckers across nation on the road. Founder of the company started his career as a trucker himself. During his on road experience he realized that the truckers end up spending huge if their trucks breaks down on the road. There are just a negligible number of mechanics who are willing to work at nominal rates. Other than those few rest of all try to make money out of the truckers situation. The founder himself faced these situations many times. Once he ended up paying $800 for replacement of an airbag. There are many such incidents that occurred during his trucking career. So he decided to provide all the truckers uniform, hassle free, reliable, fast, efficient and cost effective service to the fellow truckers by integrating genuine mechanics. The aim is to make the truckers and mechanics join hands and work together in the most efficient manner. Huge part of our country’s economy relies on this industry. Our app which would be ready soon for use by truckers and mechanics will facilitate and bring both these ends meet. To support our economy let us make an attempt by joining hands by the way of joining the red tag club.

What We do



We provide all kind of general repair at your or our locations. Please make an appointment for repair near your available mechanic.


Call us for any kind of on road service. We will contact you nearby service providers.


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